Returns and complaints

  1. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to withdraw from the contract and inform us about it without stating a reason.
  2. To notify us about the return, contact or fill in the return form via the website.
  3. Within 14 days from notifying about the return, properly pack and ship back the products (at your own expense) to the following address: PZ Witraż Amberlamp, ul. Stary Rynek Oliwski 20a, 80-317 Gdańsk.
  4. Mark the return appropriately – attach a note with your contact details, phone number and order number. Remember to mark the packaging with the ‘FRAGILE’ sign.
  5. Within 14 days of receiving your return shipment, you will receive back the amount you have paid for all items returned. The returned products cannot be damaged. In case your return of the product should be rejected due to transport damage, we will send you information about it to the provided e-mail. If any damages are caused by your fault, we will reduce the amount due for the return of the goods by the cost of repair. If the damage is the fault of the transporting company, you will need to issue the complaint note according to the complaint procedure as the Consignor of the shipment. Naturally, we will offer our assistance on this matter.
  6. Opening the parcel and checking the contents of the packaging should take place in the presence of the courier. If the Product shows signs of damage, cracks, etc., a damage report should be filed and the courier should receive a copy.
  7. If the purchased product has been damaged during the transport, make sure to take pictures of the damage to the product and packaging (condition for the complaint to be considered), write down the damage report to the courier. If this is not possible, please report the damage to us and we will start a complaint procedure with the transporting company. Then pack the damaged part of the product (lampshade / base / glass / glass / etc) and label the package accordingly. We will order a new pick up. We have 14 days to consider the complaint. If we have a second copy of the product in stock, we will send it to you immediately. If not, we will inform you about a new delivery date for a full-fledged product.