About Company

We started our activity in 1984 as the PZ Witraż company. Originally, we dealt with the creation of monumental stained glass. In 1994, as precursors, we created the first amber lamp on the market. Over time, these lamps have become our showpiece. At the turn of 2004 and 2005, our company underwent ownership changes. From January 2005, we operate under a new name as PZ Witraz Amberlamp. The company is owned by Sebastian Pawlak, who inherited his passion for glass and amber from his father, Zenon Pawlak.

We are a small craft workshop located in the center of Oliwa. Each of our products is made by hand, with the utmost care and craftsmanship of Gdansk artists. We produce amber lamps, stained glass and utility glass with amber. Currently, we offer several dozen unique lamp designs. Our lamps have an electrical certificate and the beneficial health properties are supported by a certificate of bioenergotherapists’ guild. Our products find numerous recipients both in Poland and in many countries around the world. We have been a member of the International Amber Association since 2000.

How our lamps are made

Based on the drawn template, glass elements of the lamp shade are cut out. Then they are wrapped with copper tape. Now you can solder parts of the shade on the hoof. Previously selected, polished and wrapped with copper tape, amber blends in between the elements of the lampshade. The stage of finishing, adding metalwork is the most laborious and at the same time the most creative. Its final effect distinguishes our lamps from others.

Then the lamps are patinated and cleaned, thanks to which the metalwork gains additional depth and shine. The lampshade prepared in this way, together with the socket and bulb, is mounted on top-quality brass bases, produced in Polish foundries. Each lamp receives a company signature and a certificate. The final stage is the careful packaging of the lamp so that it can be safely shipped anywhere in the world.

Diplomas, distinctions, thanks

We are not indifferent to what is happening in the local community, which is why we engage in charity auctions, charity balls and, if possible, enrich the collection of the Museum of Amber Inclusions at the University of Gdańsk with valuable specimens.

Original realizations

We are not afraid of challenges and unusual projects. We diligently listen to our clients’ concepts, combine them with our own ideas and experience, and this is how beautiful, unique works are created. Cross with a figure of Christ made of metalwork and amber, Lamp richly decorated with metalwork, Vase / bottle, Christmas lantern.

Stained Glass and Sacral Stained Glass

Stained glass is a play of light and matter that has fascinated us since 1984, when we made it to order for the first time. Each project is a challenge for us, as we try to match it to the type and nature of the interior, the amount and type of light. Thanks to the stained glass window, you can illuminate a dark room, cover an unwanted view outside the window, or, on the contrary, emphasize its beauty. A stained glass window installed in the wall separates two rooms, but does not give the impression of a lack of space. We use the traditional method of lead profiles, and the more delicate Tiffany method, with the use of copper tape. We are not afraid of unusual solutions – we incorporate amber and spatial metalwork into the stained glass windows, we also use backlighting. Many years of experience in glass processing have allowed us to introduce suspended stained glass panels that perfectly complement modern arrangements. Original projects are created in the studio, but we also cooperate with visual artists. We had the pleasure of glazing stained glass, renovating or making stained glass, among others, in St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk, Churches: Peter and Paul, Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary in Gdańsk, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pszczółki, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gdynia, St. Bernard in Sopot, and in many others. Many years of experience and cooperation with visual artists allow us to reproduce both the medieval style and modern trends in the stained glass.



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